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Social Media Marketing in 2022

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Social Media Advertising

When creating a social media marketing strategy there’s a lot to consider. The first thing you should be wondering is where your customers are. A close second should be where your competitors are. You want to be where your customers are, and if you can find where your customers are, and your competitors aren’t, you’ve found the sweet spot. The best way to do this is to follow the statistics. For the most part, a platform will be scooped up by younger demographics first, then older and older demos will pile on as time goes on. Gary Vaynerchuk calls this the grandma effect. When kids are on a platform, the parents will slowly trickle in to check on the kids. When the kids start posting pictures of the grandkids, grandma will join too, then grandpa. Kids start to dissipate when the parents and grandparents start to congregate, and they move to another platform where the cycle continues.

social media marketing strategy

It’s always good to remember that your company doesn’t need to be everywhere all of the time. Companies go broke trying to pull this off. It’s usually recommended that a company find the platform that’s likely to do the best for them and then play red light green light adding new platforms and consistently assessing performance and profits. 

You don’t have to and probably shouldn’t spend all your advertising on the big boys. Google and Facebook dominate the internet, and they charge like it. You should still be there, but target those keywords typed by people ready to act and then spend the rest of your advertising dollars where they’ll be more appreciated. Check out our post on choosing keywords for SEO for more on how to make money with keywords.

If your customers are there and your competitors are not, it’s a good place to be. You’ll pay less for ads because nobody will be competing with you for the same demographic, driving up the price. But be sure there’s more to it than just being there. Your ads need to be native to the platform, and they need to look, feel, and smell like everything else coming through the feed. Customers are masters at ignoring ads, and the more your content looks like an ad, the faster they’ll weed you out. That being said, you can’t dominate the internet or your competition without proper product placement.

As we’re writing this, we don’t know what kind of business you operate or who your customers are. This report is meant to be an overview with more in-depth articles to follow.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Monthly Users: 2.91 billion

Largest Age Group: 25-34 (31.5%)

43% female, 57% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 33 minutes

Not too long before we wrote this, Facebook’s stock took a big tumble, and many were calling for the beginning of their end. Apple updates rendered ad campaigns less effective, and the cost of ads increased for businesses. Despite all of this, Facebook remains the dominant force in social media.

It would be prudent to note that daily time spent on Facebook has recently dropped to 33 minutes per day from 38 minutes five years ago. People are gradually spending less time on the platform, which could be because they’ve grown more efficient with the app or spend their time on other apps. The slowed growth rate of Facebook (.8%) compared to the growth rates of TikTok (18.3%) and Snapchat (3.7%) seem to imply a shift in-app use, at least by the younger age groups.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Monthly Users: 2 billion +

Largest Age Group: 15-35 

46% female, 54% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 30 minutes

When it comes to marketing, YouTube is an underutilized powerhouse, and it’s still growing, showing a 43% year-over-year increase in ad revenue. People turn to YouTube for answers in the same way they turn to Google. Google owns YouTube, so it gets priority placements on search results when people search for something related to what you’re offering. Once people start to use YouTube, they keep using it. They hold one of the most captive audiences, with more than 62% of users logging on daily. You can leverage YouTube’s growing and consistent audience in two primary ways. By creating industry-related content that your end consumer finds informative and entertaining and pushing ads through Google. YouTube ads get placed through Google Ads and can be text ads or video commercials. You can target customers based on age, sex, location, and interests, among other things. When your customers watch videos on how to buy a home with no money down, your local ad can play before, after, or during that video. Or, you can be the one that creates that no money down video, and you can pay Google to ‘suggest’ it to anybody locals who’s been shopping for a home.

Instagram marketing strategy

Monthly Users: 2 billion +

Largest Age Group: 25-34 

48.4% female, 51.6% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 29 minutes

While many teenagers have broken away from Instagram in favor of TikTok, the platform remains a top contender for those targeting Gen Z and Millennials. These two groups represent two-thirds of the site’s traffic. And even though teenagers are leaving in droves, Instagram users have doubled over the last three years, proving that Instagram isn’t going anywhere soon. You can post to Instagram through the Facebook business page manager and kill two birds with one stone. You can also pay to boost Instagram posts at the same time you’re creating those posts. When you boost a post, Instagram shows it to more people likely to buy your product or service. If your products are shippable, you might want to look into Instagram Shopping. Instagram shopping continues to grow, with more than 130 million people shopping monthly. 80% of Instagram users already used Instagram as part of their purchasing decisions, so adding shopping was a natural progression. Instagram isn’t just useful for those who sell online. Attractive photos and videos of local products and services with a good description and a link to your website can go a long way to push local sales, especially when these posts are boosted to highly targeted traffic.

TikTok marketing strategy

Monthly Users: 1 billion +

Largest Age Group: 10-19 (25% of users) 

61% female, 39% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 89 minutes +/-

Before you make the mistake of thinking that TikTok is only for children, please keep in mind that 75% of its users are 20 and over. There’s still time to cash in on your competitors making the same mistake. Many local businesses will still find that they will have minimum competition for their target audience on TikTok.

TikTok saw a 142% Year over Year revenue increase from 2021 to 2022, and user quantity surpassed 1.2 billion monthly users in Q4 of 2021. The ads platform gets more accessible and easier to use as they continue to grow, which is great for you if you’re audience is Gen Z. Among Gen Z users, 40% reported that the platform influences their buying decisions. With an average daily use time of 90 minutes, you’ll have plenty of chances to make an impression. 

LinkedIn marketing strategy

Monthly Users: 810 million

Largest Age Group: 25-34 (58.4% of users) 

48% female, 52% male 

Average Use: 63% Visit Once Per Week 22% Visit Daily

Once thought of as the platform of the elderly, LinkedIn has become a weekly hangout for Millennials. COVID-19 likely contributed to LinkedIn’s record growth in revenue as people searched for new job connections during the outbreak. As far as marketing on the platform goes, it’s expensive compared with the others. Still, it does provide superior access to high-earning B2B professionals and those looking for an international reach, as only 25% of LinkedIn users reside in the US.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Monthly Users: 478 million

Largest Age Group: 18-29 (42% of users) 

38.4% female, 61.6% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 31 minutes

Twitter has been experiencing slow and steady growth over the past few years going from 187 million monthly users to 211 and shifting to an 18-29-year-old audience. Forecasters say that this slow and steady growth could change to a downtrend soon, with a loss of one million or more monthly users shifting to other platforms. Many small businesses struggle to justify Twitter ad spending as the other platforms often provide more consistent results. Still, suppose you can figure out how to consistently link your business to current events and breaking news stories. In that case, Twitter has a large pool of college-educated professionals earning over $75K/year for you to tap into.

Pinterest Advertising

Monthly Users: 346 million

Largest Age Group: women ages 25-34 (29.1% of users)

60% female, 40% male

Average Use Time Per Day: 25 minutes +/-

They experienced a little slippage recently as monthly users slid from 361 million down to 346. The site’s revenue increased in Q4 of 2021, so advertisers still believe they’re getting good value for their money even though usage is down. And while female users once dominated the site, women now make up just 60% of monthly users. 

Pinterest users are shoppers! The site boasts 85% larger shopping carts by people who self-report as being 40% more likely to love shopping. Users of the site are also seven times more likely to claim the site is more influential than any other social media platform when considering a purchase. Pinterest is worth diving into if your business is product-based and shippable.

Snapchat marketing strategy

Monthly Users: 319 million

Largest Age Group: 15-25 (48% of users) 

54.4% female, 44.6% male 

Average Use Time Per Day: 25 minutes +/-

For a while, it looked like Snapchat was going to do what TikTok has pulled off, but it seems they missed the mark. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Parents and grandparents usually follow the children, but it looks like Snapchat didn’t hold the limelight long enough for this to play out. Only time will tell. Snap still holds the number two spot for the teenager demo if that’s the group your business pursues. They seem to be doing well as a business, reporting a 57% YOY growth and breaking the Billion-dollar barrier. There’s still time to innovate and possibly take back the top spot.


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