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We’ll figure out who your top competitor is, reverse engineer their online marketing campaign, and duplicate it for you. Then we’ll make it even better. We’ll work together with you to figure out what makes you special and we’ll tell the world about it. We’ll also make sure we answer your customer’s frequently asked questions so that you can stay focused on what you do best.

  • 5-10 Page Industry-Specific Lead-Generating Website
  • Level I Internet Domination (see below)
  • Free Spy Report
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis & Reverse-Engineering
  • Sales Copy For All Content Pages
  • Facebook Business Messanger Integration
  • First Year of Domain Registration


5-10 Pages of Internet Domination

+ 1 Free Year of Hosting & Domain Registration (up to a $280 Value)


Level I Internet Domination

This package is where you really start to see the Internet Domination difference. The internet is filled with web designers packing computer degrees who are well versed in search engine optimization. These are important skills to have. In fact, you can’t do this job without them. The thing they’re missing, usually, is a deep understanding of people, your product, and the fears and desires that motivate your customers to buy from you over choosing the competition.

At Internet Domination, we don’t just hire computer guys to build your website, we have sales and marketing professionals and a resident psychologist. They immediately go to work analyzing and dissecting the competition’s web presence. The IT department lets them know how many customers are visiting their website and which pages. Then sales and psychology go to work determining what it is that the competition is saying or presenting that is motivating their customers to take action.

Once we know who the competition is and exactly what they’re doing we can hijack their web traffic and present you in a better light. This means different things for different industries. It also doesn’t always mean you have to do something better. In a lot of cases, the competition is dropping the ball and if that’s the case all you need to do is not drop the ball. This information is worth its weight in gold, and we hate to give it away for free. Here’s one example anyway. If you’re a landscaper in the Surprise area, and you show up when you say you’re going to, there’s an opening for you to dominate in the area. Our proprietary software was able to find hundreds of instances of people looking for a reliable landscaper in Surprise. These are real social media posts by hundreds of people complaining because their guy never shows up when he says he will. All a landscaper would need to do is come up with a quick performance guarantee, guaranteeing that they’ll show up on time, and BAM. Done deal. Of course, that’s not all you’d need to do. The people will need to know that there’s a new landscaper in town and he guarantees he’ll be there on time, and that’s where we come in.

Internet Domination begins by finding out who the competition is and what they do, then making sure that the public knows that you do it better.

Web Design

If you haven’t noticed, we do things a little differently. Flashy websites full of videos and flashing images are not our thing, and they shouldn’t be your thing either if your goal is to make money. A website that sells will always direct the eyes of the prospect to the words and images that will motivate them to pick up the phone or message for the sale. Don’t get me wrong, images and video are crucial, but only when they can make the customer say “I want that.”

We build clean simple websites that are designed to do exactly that. In fact, if you want a custom-made one-of-a-kind website that only a programmer can operate, then we might not be the right choice for you. We offer standard WordPress sites that are editable by the customer but optimized for peak performance.

There’s a reason we build only WordPress websites. If you want or need to make edits yourself in the future, you will be able to. It might be a little tricky at first, but the YouTube tutorials are out there. What you don’t want is a website that only the creator can update. These websites exist. For the designer, it’s job security. For the customer, it’s high hourly rates when you need a phone number or address change. We don’t do that here. We want you to refer us to your friends and family. We are here to build lasting relationships.

Free Spy Report

This is different from analyzing the competition’s sales message. It’s keyword spying. A lot of people already know that keywords are those words that people type into the search bar when they need a product or service. What they usually don’t know is that, with the right software, we can peer behind the curtain and reverse-engineer your main competitor’s keyword strategy. We’re able to find out how much monthly traffic your competitor is getting and where it’s coming from. We’ll learn exactly which keywords they’re using to get that traffic, and piggyback off of their success. The end result is that we save potentially years of trial and error.

Keyword Optimization

The Spy Report lets us know what keywords the competitors are currently targeting. The next thing we do is determine where they’re dropping the ball. We find out what keywords are making them money and which keywords they should probably cut out. Once the keywords are found, they need to be used in the right place and in the correct quantity to please the search engines. This is critical. A lot of people guess here, but they probably shouldn’t. Our clients are always surprised to find out that what people say they want on the phone or at the business is different from what they type. Fortunately, we don’t have to guess. We know how to determine exactly what those words are and then place them exactly where they need to go and in just the right quantity.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a puzzle with many pieces, and best practices are always changing. Some basics include the proper selection of the domain name, correct use of keywords, and fast page-loading speeds. If pages don’t load fast, the search engines will place the competition ahead of you. Optimization is all about creating the optimal user experiences for searchers. We’ve been building websites since 2007 and we’ve got it down to a science.

For a Limited Time, All Entry-Level Websites Come With

1 Year Free Hosting ($240 Value) & Domain Name (Up to $39.99 Value)


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