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Make Money With Keywords

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What Are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the words relevant to your business or service that customers type into the search bar. They can be broad or narrow in focus, and both can be helpful. Broad keywords have the potential to provide you with the highest traffic volume. They’re harder to gain control of and can result in wasteful spending on paid advertisements. If you sell real estate, an example of a broad keyword would be “Arizona real estate.” This keyword has a high search volume, so many realtors will choose it as a focal point, but be careful. Selecting the big keyword with more monthly searches can work against you. If you don’t want to show homes on all corners of the state, try narrowing the focus keywords by choosing a city or specific type of home, such as foreclosures. This will help keep the cost down and reduce competition for the top slots in search results.

Keyword Research – How to Choose Keywords

There are three main things to focus on when selecting keywords-search volume, relevancy, and user intent. We mentioned search volume a minute ago. Simply selecting the keywords with the greatest search volume is rarely the right move. Choosing keywords that are the most relevant to you and what you do can also limit your exposure and render you ineffective if you’re too specific. The trick is to find a balance between volume and relevancy. The golden ticket for all businesses is finding the keywords with the highest level of user intent. Doing this involves a little bit of consumer psychology. It helps to think about how a customer’s verbiage varies throughout the buying cycle. Let’s use an appliance store as an example. One potential customer types “who makes the best front-loading washer,” and another customer types “appliance store near me.” Which customer is closer to buying? That’s right. It’s the customer that typed “appliance store near me.” Fighting for both sets of keywords is optimal, but if you’re just starting out or working with a limited budget, always choose the keywords that align with those customers ready to buy now.

What To Do With Keywords

After you find the perfect keywords, you might be wondering what to do with them. You first secure yourself a domain containing your best keywords, then build pages on that website containing the other keywords in the page titles. If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, you need to stick the very best keywords right in your domain name. This works like magic. If you buy the domain “PhoenixUsedTires.com” and people search for Phoenix Used Tires, it will be hard for search engines not to consider you for first-page placement. To be clear, there’s a whole lot more to it. Still, the journey begins with a proper domain name commonly typed by motivated buyers. The keywords that served as runners-up in your evaluation process will make up the page titles of other pages on your website. Doing this sends a signal to search engines which helps them pair your business with local customers.

How Keywords Make You Money

We like to use the fishing analogy around here at Internet Domination. If two boats are fishing the same waters, who will catch more fish, the boat with a single pole or the ship with 20 rods with five hooks each and giant fishing nets? Keywords and the proper use are the poles, hooks, and nets that scoop up all the customers.

How the Wrong Keywords Can Waste Your Money

The keywords recommended by Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are for their benefit, not yours. Early in my career, after putting a few hundred thousand dollars through G*****, they started calling me, offering to help me. I was flattered because G***** doesn’t usually call people. It was a common scam for marketing companies to call and make themselves sound as if they were G***** when they weren’t. This was them calling, and they assigned me an account specialist to help optimize my account. The funniest thing would happen every time I’d let them help me. My ad spend would increase, but not my customers. Even when they don’t call you to help you, they make “recommendations” inside your online dashboard, and the same thing will happen. Customers have come to me reporting losses of tens of thousands of dollars after switching to the recommended settings. You have to do your own homework and monitor your own results. 

What Are Negative Keywords? 

Negative keywords are keywords you do not want to appear for in search results. These are words close to what you do but are just different enough to render them useless. Adequately used in an ad campaign, the amount of money they can save you is limitless.

How Negative Keywords Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

The best thing we can do is get to know our customers and use negative keywords whenever possible. If you sell commercial refrigeration, Google will try to give you “refrigerators” as a keyword. Now, if you’re familiar with the business, you know that the two are not interchangeable. You can not stick a residential refrigerator in a gas station or restaurant. Still, you can spend thousands of dollars advertising to the wrong people if you don’t closely monitor customer Search Terms. Inside Google, ads click keywords (on the left) and click “search terms” from the drop-down menu. You’ll see the exact words customers typed to find you on google. You have to check this regularly. It’s the only way to know if you’re wasting money on clicks by customers who have no use for you or your product. When you locate irrelevant keywords, tick the box to the left of the keywords. A blue rectangle will appear at the top of your screen, and you can click “Add as a negative keyword.” Check on this regularly, and over time you’re wasted add spend will start to disappear.


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